For the odd moments I can manage to think of something.

In which I finally post a six-page comic in colour

This took some time.

I read a tonne of comics. I love the art form, I’m consistently astonished and impressed by the artwork and the stories. There seems to be so much freedom in the story-telling. From Dark Knights and lycra-clad heroes to the photocopied indies I like to pick up at comic-cons – there’s whole worlds to explore and I get the warm fuzzies when I see the effort and time people put into their work.

Last year I decided I would jump in and make one of my own. I had a lot of guidance and support (thank you!) from friends and family and in ways that humble me, from real-life professional comic book creators who spared time to give me encouragement. But I was shy and stumbling. I made a black and white comic called ‘Dead Signal‘. Best thing I did in a while.

I don’t mean best as in ‘I’m so fancy and awesome’, I mean, I learned so much more by doing than I ever could by dithering. I make lots of sketches here and there of things that amuse me, like the irregular appearance of ‘Murder Cat‘ on my running route. But I am hopefully learning more about writing short weird tales and then challenging myself to draw them.

This one was based on reading lots of Swamp Thing, reading a lot about the Green Man and knowing wonderful people who let me stay at their house in the country – with it’s stunning garden and green stuff. (Thank you again!)

So, here’s a story, this time in colour. It’s probably not perfect, but it’s mine and I made it. So I’m satisfied with that and already working on something else to challenge my understanding of panels, pens and ink.

*Oh, there’s no title. I know…If I may quote another lovely friend, I would call it ‘Sugar for the soul’. Following a brief discussion of how flowers can be enjoyed.

Here we go. Be gentle!

(Clicky for bigness – then click for even biggerer – I’m still learning about making my text a bit clearer.)

Green page 1

Green page 2

Green page 3

Green page 4

Green page 5

Green page 6


5 Responses to “In which I finally post a six-page comic in colour”

  1. Linda Duffin

    Oh, I love this, it’s beautiful. What a stunning result for your first outing in colour. A touch of the Little Shop of Horrors there, Audrey? *feed me*

  2. Nick Papa

    Actually I think it kind of IS perfect. Like, really assured and beautifully drawn, but the storytelling and page layout is pretty amazing, straight out the gate.

    I had NO idea you drew, to be honest, but I guess you only know so much about a person from a bit of time spent on Twitter. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

    (Also, Dead Signal was brilliant, too. Looking at it again, I can see a few different influences in the art that shouldn’t quite work together, but end up becoming something all your own. And I love that take on a zombie story.)

  3. Vinoba (what2donext)

    I read it straight after work! A 10 hour work day too! It so beautifully drawn Jemimah! I want a tenth of your drawing abilities! So pretty!

    The story is hilarious. I thought it was a gentle stroll through hippy land with the ‘Earth laughs through flowers’ quote and it soon became my favourite nightmare! I’m putting all my house plants out! Except my orchids but only because I rather fancy myself as a beautiful and deadly orchid zombie!

    I loved it! Carry on!


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