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Made Up Memories – The stories of two little girls and the history that didn’t exist

So,  it’s been a while eh?

Well, as this is my place to rule – you gets what you get when I’ve got it to give. Better than me trying to prattle on when I’ve nothing to say right?

This one’s been a long time in the making – but, as it is all about time, it’s all the better for it.

Let me tell you about some Made Up Memories.

A few months back when the weather was good, I found time to phaff around in a stationary store. The kind of place that sells pretty things I don’t need. I stalked around, touching stuff, peering at patterns and then found something I absolutely needed (uhuh). Coloured paper and envelopes. Bright primary and secondary colours with matching envelopes. They called to me. I had no plan, I needed to make the purchase.

Back at Knight Towers, safely ensconced in the office, I opened the wrapper and stared at the blank sheets.

Then I stared at them a bit more. No idea what to do with it all.

Over the past few years I have been writing post cards (and receiving them) from my closest far away friend Colleen. She lives too far away in Dallas, Texas. Or I live too far away in London. We write almost anything on post cards and send them when we remember. It’s a joy to receive – the everyday, whimsical, important, funny, serious and everything in between arrives in handwriting from someone I consider to be a ‘brainshare’ (so scarily alike).

So, I have something I can post – so I should definitely send it to Colleen. If you follow the blog or any of my online witterings, you’ll see I’m no great artist. I like to draw, but Colleen’s got mad skills with imagery. I *can’t* send her artwork…it would be awful!

What I do have are words. Endless, nonsensical, weird, average, outstanding, strange words – all the time. It’s what I’ve always done for a living and for fun. So, with coloured paper and words, I started to make something.

MuM all 2

Colleen and I have known each other online since 2008 and hung out (not nearly often enough!) when she and her lovely other half, Tony, have been wonderful enough to host me in TX. For people so close, we have no history beyond the Internet connections. So I started out writing as if we were old (future), about when we were young (past), to make up some memories.

When you have no past in a certain area – you can make it up. If you’re making it up, you might as well go for it!

I wrote about two little girls I wish we had been in many ways. Or two little girls I thought we could have been. I added a mystery to each one ‘Orion says hello’. Who’s Orion? Probably exactly who you think he might be – but I’m not telling you that until the last one.

The first story, I was wondering what we might have been like at school. I’d guess we might have been different, not the popular crowd, but kinda ok. So I wanted to write about us being amazed by a girl at school who was truly different.

For each image you can click for bigness if you really want to be challenged by my handwriting.

I also had to get some tentacles into the first one – if you know Colleen, you’ll know why.

Then I decided we should go into space. As all little girls should. Naturally it would be a part of our imagination, an adventure in a cardboard box. To this day if I had a box big enough, I’d be happy to play in it all afternoon. Sadly the time, and the box never seems to present itself. Maybe one day.


Being adventurous girls and both from a warmer climate (than the UK) I knew we’d have to explore the garden. I wove in the childhood feelings of learning there too. When you have a pet as a child, it’s a hurdle when they die. It brings up all sorts of other questions – including – ‘So what else is buried in the garden?’.


In every childhood there should also be some monsters too. We both like Cthulhu mythos – so why not go have tea with the ancient horror?


The back of the Cthulhu card is probably my favourite pic. I’m not the greatest with the sketches, but I like how it turned out. We don’t get to do pure glee as adults often enough.

If you’re going to have monsters, you might as well have faeries too. Nasty war-mongering faeries in a battle for our territory! It sounds as though we were every parent’s nightmare for our adventures so far. But goodness we appeared to have fun with our imagination.


By now I knew I was headed toward the final story. The series was landing nicely on Colleen’s birthday – so the final episode fit nicely into a parcel with gifts. I had to think a while to work out how I was going to explain all of this, who Orion was and why we had these stories to share…So we’re time travelers (of course), who went to space (you saw that bit) and through time (with Cthulhu) and were hunters (faeries beware!) and as such, we can find each other in any time – for more adventures.


Leaving the story like this means it’s open for more stories. Being close friends also means that we get our own adventures now. Writing from the future means we have adventures to come to as we grow old.

The series was great fun to write and scrawl. It’s always nice to write with someone specific in mind – in fact, I always do – I just don’t always say who that might be.

Oh – and the photos in this post? They were taken by Colleen one of those little girls in the stories. I look forward to our next adventure!

~ JK


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