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Bridge reporting and trauma


For some work with Global Voices I am furthering some ongoing research looking at the possible emergence of PTSD and similar outcomes when bridge reporting and viewing videos or photographs of violent or aggressive material that is user generated content.

This is specifically material that is not on the local or international news reports, but video or images you might see on YouTube, Qik, Ustream or user generated photo sharing sites.

Bridge reporters in this case is in the sense of writers, bloggers and journalist who monitor such materials in order to collate reports for a wider audience.

What I am trying to find out is if there are people monitoring this material in any volume who have felt that they may have been affected by it.

Clearly this is not something in comparison with people who live through times of conflict and is not designed to take away from that. Also this is not a comment as to the nature or properties of ugc on the Web. This is for personal experiences for which I have a lot of time if you would like to get in touch.

Having spoken to other bridge reporters in the past, some of the listed effects included nightmares, estrangement, sleeplessness, stress, anger (at unusual levels), a change in regular communication with friends (i.e. small talk, jokes and every day chat that is not about the news), impatience and irritability.

There could be other manifestations and I am more than happy to hear about this too.

I invite bridge reporters to leave comments here if they have experienced changes like this and offer anonymity if people would like to make comment on the topic or to be contacted outside of this blog.

Bridge reporters working with UGC in mainstream media are also invited and may wish to get in touch anonymously. You can do so via the “Write me a letter” option at the top of my blog pages.

This call out is for work toward the Global Voices Summit and so has a built in deadline of June 23rd 2012 so that I collate notes or contact anyone with further questions if required.

Thanks in advance to anyone who participates.


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