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Your questions – answered here!


So. There was no update here when I left the BBC Newsroom, I have to admit I was run off my feet, but it was around the networks. If you’re catching up here – I resigned. There’s no drama, it was time to go do something else.

I worked at Aunty for ten years. In that time I can say that I have learned from the finest correspondents, journalists and sound technicians in the world. That’s not bad is it?

I’ve worked on Outlook, World Today, Newshour and more for World Service; many programs around Radio 5Live, produced the news podcast, written online and managed correspondents for TV news. I’ve also been
presenting, reporting and news gathering in different countries. That’s not a bad list – but it’s more about the opportunities available when you work at it. I’ve had ten years and change for some of my best and favourite adventures in journalism and I’m thankful to my teachers and friends there for making it incredible.

So the next step? It’s The Next Web.

I’m grinning all over my lopsided face (dentist this morning) as I type this. I’m very excited and exceptionally pleased to become a part of a team that I really like and admire. I’ve followed the development of so many sites in my work and I’m impressed by TNW and delighted that they will accept me as their new UK Editor! *Happy Dance!*

Some will be asking why and what for, so let me address that bit. I started at 15 as a cub photographer for newspapers. Very intimidating men taught me to make pictures with light in a dark room and to work with film. I learned to sub from possibly the fiercest and sweariest editors I’ve ever met and I still love them for it.

I moved into radio and switched from honing my eye to training my ears and from there into online and user generated content for hard news. I’ve seen days and days cataloguing horror and violence and I’ve been privileged to talk with people who live in danger. I learned what to do with this information and I learned how to manage material in multimedia.

It’s not an exceptional story, but it’s a record of a journalist in the early 21st Century. We all changed, print through to digital and now I am changing again from mainstream media into a light and fast independent. It makes my heart beat faster and puts me in position to go on the chase in ways that I have not done before while sticking to the principles I have learned over the years.

The added bonuses are that I will still be bringing BBC Outriders to you with Radio 5Live and I am still the podcast editor for Global Voices. Add to this a new page with The Next Web and I think I’m right to feel fortunate.

Right, I’m now bored with talking about me, so let’s get on with some damn work.


15 Responses to “Your questions – answered here!”

  1. James Whatley

    So this pops up in my GReader just now and I’m all… *GASP!* — ‘What? What?!’

    — read — read — read —

    ‘TNW?! AMAZING! Yeah!’

    That’s ace news JK, ace news indeed.
    Wishing you the very best of luck dude!

    *high five* w/ optional light hugging 🙂

  2. solobasssteve

    wonderful news! New and exciting things for you, and TNW get a fabulous broadcaster/journo and one of the most brilliant understanders of internet things I’ve ever met as their editor.

    Win/Win, Ms Knight 🙂 xx

  3. Ivan Sigal

    Very nice JK! Was wondering where you would go next!

    Cheers I

  4. jemimahknight

    Mios Dio! What a day! Thank you all for the awesome best wishes and support. Let’s hope I can make y’all proud! x

  5. Lo.

    Wonderful news amazing lady! You don’t need to try and make us all proud…you already have! x

  6. Bennycrime

    Sweet geography Jesus! (not sure what this means) CAPSGRATULATIONS!

    That’s so awesome.

    B 🙂

    • jemimahknight

      Thanks Mister Crime – I AM VERY CAPCITED!! (and I now have an armoury of new favourite words 🙂

  7. Nik Butler

    I knew the level of clue and general smarts on the internet was suddenly increasing and this now explains it. Your absolutely prefect ( or perfect ) for this new thing so yay hay and merry diddly aye day and whoop whoop is what I want to say.

  8. lyndacuba

    That’s fabulous news. Yes, I am on Nica-time and very late in reading this post. Oooh, it’s all very exciting. I’m looking forward to hearing more. fnwl ♥


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