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Ada Lovelace Day: Rain

Anyone who has met Rain is unlikely to forget her.

Part of this Ada Lovelace Day post is about women and STEM (Science, Technology, Maths, Engineering) but also it’s about an attitude and approach that should be rewarded and highlighted.

Rain doesn’t ever seem to put up with anyone saying no to what she wants to learn and needs to know. That, in any field is a powerful and wonderful trait. One we can all probably apply to well – pretty much anything.

If you take a look at Rain’s pages online you will find out about creative technology, digital advances, fabulous events and how she makes wonderful things. From T-shirts that play music, to teapots that come alive, she shows me with each post that technology and engineering is artistic, creative and beautiful.

In addition, as I get into my second year of a computer science and Ai degree – Rain is working on her FT Mphil/PhD at Goldsmiths. Seriously, there are times when I am glad that she’s not working on weapons…otherwise we’d all have a reason to be terrified. Knowing another woman who is so talented and yet still inclined to pursue learning is important for me at the moment. There always seems to be a reason to not do the work, but then I see her updates online and it reminds me why I am trying to do my own studies.

To pursue her studies at Goldsmiths, Rain left a place of work where she had been for years. Frankly, that takes balls. It’s easy to become comfortable where you are, sometimes it is harder to chase after what you want. That’s more than enough reason to be proud to know her.

If you’re lucky like me and you know someone like Rain, take a few minutes to let everyone know how brilliant they are and why they mean so much to you. This way, not only can we all share those links, we can hand them over to the next generation – who hopefully will totally kick our asses in their own ways in STEM.

And if you are making your way through a life in these fields, learn from Rain, don’t take no for an answer and hurl yourself at those risks. If you’re lucky you’ll be an inspiration too.

Thanks Rain!


You can find out more about Rain’s adventures at her site –

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