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Girls, girls, girls…

A short story


I think I saw a tumbleweed roll across my pages and as I am currently stuck at home under the weather – it’s a good time to write.

If you know what day it is (and often I don’t) and the date, you may already know that it is Ada Lovelace Day tomorrow.

What’s that?

It’s cool and it’s all to the good. So you should do something about it too if you are tech-inclined.

Ada Lovelace day is a day online around the world that celebrates the role of women in tech, science, engineering and mathematics. Heaps of people online write something or add a comment about a woman who has inspired them.

This is important.

Of course it is. It’s important to celebrate anyone’s work when they inspire you, push you to do more, to make yourself or something else better. But it is also important to highlight that the fields of mathematics, engineering, technology and science could do with a few more ladies to lead.

You can throw yourself on the floor and kick and scream that you think it is a male dominated field (Who among us has not been tempted occasionally?) but I think it’s better to find out more and highlight the women who are already blazing trails. Let’s bring the good to the front and give them a day to feel proud.

This focus also means that girls who are in school or maybe even younger, will have a record to turn to. If you were nerdy at school or liked math and science more than your peers, you probably felt a huge amount of pressure, maybe worse things too. That’s never going to be right.

I know a tonne of women who, if I could go back to my youth, would have inspired me to tears – made me feel that I was a part of something where I was okay and in the right. Normal.

It’s normal for women to want to work in tech, science, engineering and math and you know – some of them are way cooler than their male peers too (don’t tell the guys I said that yeah?)

Take a few minutes, open your blog or web page and write down a little something, or post a photo or anything really – let them know you appreciate what they do and let other girls and women take a look at them too for support and inspiration. The woman you choose to highlight may not have won the Nobel Prize (yet) but if they mean something to you, it means a lot to the rest of us too.

Get on it – the deadline is soon – and it only takes a couple of minutes to upload something that will work.

Go here now and have a look to decide for yourself – Naturally I think you should be logging into your blog dashboard already.

Byron’s daughter eh? Still disrupting in 2011…I kinda like that!


2 Responses to “Girls, girls, girls…”

    • jemimahknight

      Dan, you should get in on the Ada Day action next year and add a column about Esther 🙂


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