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Global Frequency

So something new happened. Some work that I am proud of.

I’ve been working for the past few weeks to build something from scratch. It’s been great and even better – it’s something I want to do. Someone smart recently pointed out to me that you can do almost anything if you want to do it enough.

I’ve been reading the Global Voices website for longer than I can remember – it seems it has always been around – though rationally I guess that’s not the case.

I’m a fan of blogs and blogging. To me, though there has been so much change in social updates, sharing and short form broadcast; blogging has remained. It’s been augmented by images and video, become chattier, now we have widgets and clouds and much more.

At its essence though, a blog to me is a fair piece of writing. It can be long or a short column, but outside of these boundaries it can be anything.

I’ve read life stories that made my heart hurt and the tales of people who make me cry laughing. I’ve read about my friends trials and tribulations, their travels and testimonies. The art of blogging has shown me the work of people who may ever remain unknown to publishers but are some of the cleverest writers I have come across.

The longer form allows me to tune into their voices and hear their tones. To me, it’s a very vital and informative source. Though we may be enamoured with Tweets as a hook, I always hope they lead me to a place where I can think about what I am seeing or reading or hearing.

So it’s bloggers with Global Voices who have often shown me parts of the world I cannot get to. They’re not on holiday, they’re not reporting on a trip, they live there. Daily lives in the norm and under pressure and people open their diaries to us all online.

Much of Global Voices answers my common question, “What would I do if I were there?”. Mostly because although these people are in extraordinary circumstances, they are a little like you and a bit like me. They’re maybe telling you how you might feel if you were there.

So – at the extraordinary request of the ever patient and encouraging managing editor Solana Larsen I took on the role to be the site podcast editor.

It’s not a role I take lightly. As a reader of the site, I want to make sure that I do right by the multitude of authors and editors all over the world. Of course that also means I will be hassling them like hell to record everything and read voice overs and record scripts. (Look out GVers!)

Along with the exceptional talent available among the site contributors, I have also been working with a much wider group of willing, patients and frankly quite giving people. From the music I have been allowed to use and remix to the on spec voice over work that my friends trusted me to present in a sophisticated manner, I owe a lot to a lot of people already and we’re only at episode one. Thanks you lot – you know who you are and you can name your reward…well – not that maybe but within reason.

At my fingertips I have a global team, a decentralised network of creative, funny and inspiring people. An amazing team to be a part of to make sounds from wherever they may be that you can listen to wherever you are. Huh, sounds just like the Internet…

Do you know? I feel a bit like Miranda Zero – and I like it!


The Global Voices Podcast – The World is Talking. You better be listening – or I might send every last one of them after you 🙂

Tune in to Episode One

6 Responses to “Global Frequency”

  1. sizemore


    Not sure if you’re gonna be Miranda Zero or Aleph over there, but the pair of them combined is pretty sweet too:

    Congrats 🙂

    • jemimahknight

      Thanks Mister 🙂

      Aleph or Ms Zero – both great role models!


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