I agree about getting your house in order by writing. Lots of people have different ways of expressing themselves. My most artistic friends draw and paint their current thoughts. I am not a great artistic person and I don’t think I am the greatest writer either, but I do feel regularly that I need to write down my life. I have kept different blogs online since 2000 and still update sometimes when I need too. I used to keep a personal written diary all the time and for the last year been keeping one again. For me its really therapeutic to get thoughts down there on paper! or publish them online!

I love on the internet looking at different people’s way of expressing their problems in life and thoughts and fears. Some people do graphics, some people do really long blog posts, some people do short tweets. One of my friends has a tumblr of haiku’s! I tried to do one to impress someone and I found it really difficult! to convey your message in that few words with restrictions is hard!

Hope you are feeling better! I was quite ill recently and had massive admiration for some people in my life who are basically permanently very sick / disabled. I honestly now don’t know how they do it! it makes you very introspective!

good luck with the new flat mate, degree and Nepal! 🙂
A friend of mine is travelling the world during this year and is next gonna be in Peru. I sent him some things to cheer him up there for when he arrives and sent a Paddington Bear card to him in darkest Peru 🙂 It reminded me of your travels some time ago and you always had Paddington with you! I hope he gets it! x