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All the same if you are online?

I had a change to sit down and chat with a colleague who is a great digital thinker today. I’d name him but he might get all shy.

We were talking about the expansion and evolution of the web and I was thinking about “web commentators”.

It used to be that being online was for pointy headed nerdy types with more time or smarts than the average bear to get online and do something. Then things opened up a bit – the blogging community grew and yeah, they were considered to be a bit nerdy, but maybe less nerdy than the BB inhabitants.

So now we have tonnes of bloggers in all shades and a truckload of new friends on the internet via loosely connected mobile objects. The internet still is not a part of everyone’s life all over the world, but in many ways, the internet really is starting to resemble a shadow of real life when you look at the sections of society present.

There are liberals, dissidents and authorities commenting, writing and monitoring. Mainstream famous people and everyday family updaters. Collectors, broadcasters, innovators, in all types of media.

I used to find it amusing that there were Twitter experts. (I’ve been daubed with that title and rejected it then as I do now) To me a twitter expert seems like a telephone expert, or a fax and email expert. I hope they know when to move along and either become near field communications experts maybe?

Now I wonder what will become of the all encompassing web commentators who frequently attempts a universal theory of society online (often even those societies they cannot access or translate.) Would they in reflection be world commentators? Just because it is online should we be simplifying people’s actions?

The reminder – “people not tech” has been around the block again a few times lately. I think it is something to bear in mind – unless it is now appropriate to tar everyone IRL with the same brush too?

The time for specialising within your web commentary may have come..

Tell me why I am wrong –


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2 Responses to “All the same if you are online?”

  1. Tom Cranstoun

    The time has definately come; the next breed of users wil not know that they are blogging; they will not know that they are cosuiming tweets; they will not know that they are reading RSS. It will all be magically relevant to their own specialism. A sports commentator will have an ‘app’ that gives her the stats requiree for the latest match; the newsfeed around the match and the personalities. they will take their own notes and share it with their colleagues. All seamlessly.


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