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I listened – a collaborative story via sound

So – a little recap and a tape for you.

A few weeks (probably more) I asked if anyone would contribute sound. The original post is here.
Basically, I wanted to write to the sounds of others, mostly to see if I could do it.

I like to write and as has been said by many other writers, I feel as though I am guided by characters and scenarios rather than being in control. So why not entirely hand over control to random sound and see what it tells me.

I logged all the tapes – 26 from 15 people. Some submitted a few clips each. Having noted the sounds I thought I could hear, I then made notes about what this put me in mind of. What I could imagine to go with it.

From this a theme emerged. It was probably infuenced by some of my reading about ‘Technium’ and the growth and change of technology as well as the slightly unsettling sense of intimacy that came from being carried around by you all in a microphone or cell phone. I thought about the idea of an ongoing ghost in machines, something that follows humanity through all of our technological changes. That sounds as though I am trying to be profound, I’m not sure it was all so serious.

Tape log and notes one of many pages

Many people recorded into Audio boo, some on professional mics, it was neat to have these changes in texture and conext. I processed some of the clips to give them a boost but mostly the audio is unchanged, just heavily layered.

So – here it is –

I like it in the end. It’s a bit strange entirely not knowing where you’re headed, but that also makes it fun.

What remains is to thank everyone who contributed and showed patience as time escaped me to work on it at a more regular pace.
Thanks to –
Annie Mole

Big hugs for your all, the project and the story would not exist without all of you.


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10 Responses to “I listened – a collaborative story via sound”

    • jemimahknight

      Should be in the post. I wrote it – based on the sounds. The point of the project was to write something and be lead by the sounds that other people recorded and sent to me. That way I had less control over the outcome. Fun process

    • jemimahknight

      Yay! Glad it turned out okay – visions of walking – still with me!

    • jemimahknight

      Glad you like it – as you can tell, your sounds turned out to be very handy!


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