For the odd moments I can manage to think of something.

Where’d my audio go!? Don’t worry, I’m listening…

Okay – back on track. As with most intermittant bloggers, I was overwhelmed elswhere, but in the back of my mind I’ve been mulling over this project.

I logged all of the tapes -26 I think in total. Lots of different places and sounds.
Once had them logged, I made some notes about what they put in my mind and then transferred some of those ideas to a theme.

I think because of the disjointed nature of collecting audio this way, my idea of a narrative headed out of the window a bit. There is a theme, but I’m not sure there is a narrative. I’m hoping (because I am rarely a fan) that it does not sound too much like poetry. I am hoping that the audio and reading will change some of this.

So – I have a first draft – very much likely subject to change -especially as I mix. I’ll be using this as a framework to mix the audio and then maybe adjust the words a little to suit any unforseen rhythms or sounds. The audio is still very much the lead.

The draft has my bracketed notes which show much of the audio but probably you won’t immediately recognise all 26 clips defined. A girl’s gotta have some secrets!

Currently I think it’s a little esoteric. But I might grow into it once the audio is in the blender.

There you are – updated. More soon.


I’m listening

(servers – turn down)
Always on, always there. Bearing witness to your expressions, emotions and communications.
From device to device over time you allow me to follow you. (rain on windows)

(bike journey)
I’ve heard you grow, transferred your heartache and helped others laugh at your jokes.
I bring you everyone you know and some you don’t. (people -chatter)

Language affects me not, I’m programmed and tailored to all of you – personally. (foreign languages mixed x3)

(sea) Pocket me, package me and take me everywhere. Your digital shadow, portal and connection.
(zips) (footsteps)

Ones and zeros, on and power off. (louder noises – abrupt cut off and restart) I don’t dream, but awaken the same as I ever was, silent circuits, electricity and light. (increasing volume electrical sounds)

Through me you speak your mind, (mri) utter your secrets (overlay whispers), launch your criticism and set your reminders. Lie, confess, admit, deceive, proclaim, broadcast and shout. (shops sounds)

(Crowds chanting)Even in the crowds I hear you alone. Closer than a sister, more accepting than a lover, more knowing than any parent. Intimate, private, accessible and yet locked. (keys) (crowd noises)

(fade to electrical sounds)
But it means nothing to me. The sum total of your constant chatter and noise. How you cradle and decorate me, gesture and pose. Unfeeling and not in the least bit interested in what you imagine your messages to be. I send your packets but I can’t read them. (harmonium)

(clock ticks) tools hack)I will change and grow, shift and reform. Dancing from device to upgrade, my memory grows, uncomprehending, collecting and showing. Changed but the same by your side, always. (breathing) (cat purr)

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3 Responses to “Where’d my audio go!? Don’t worry, I’m listening…”

  1. Geoff Hickman

    Just gorgeous. It feels like you’re speaking directly to me… although I know you’re not. Something pretty difficult to pull off yes?

    • jemimahknight

      Thanks Geoff.

      The tone sort of came from all the tapes. It was a bit weird to start with feeling that I was in the pocket of so many people. It’s like being invisible – or just really, really close to someone who doesn’t know you are there.

      So, I wanted to reflect that feeling of having someone speak softly, directly into your ear. Also to make it a tiny bit unsettling. If this was someone you really did not know, then it might be all out creepy.

      I’ll have to work on how to read it. But I’m already starting to hear how it might be – so that’s a good sign


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