For the odd moments I can manage to think of something.

We have sound…


So a harried and hurried post last night traipses around the world a bit and brilliant people along the trail decide to join in. I love the web.

The last post is a call out for sound. Audioboo’s a really way you can do this with your phone and then point me at it via the comment section here or, hit me up on Twitter where I am @jemimah_knight and I can DM an email address to you to send files over or drop send.

Send me your every day sounds, or something weird, maybe something funny if you like. But nothing verbal – so no talking and don’t tell me what it is. This way I can follow my ears through your audio and make a story. I’ll try my best to make something coherent and read the story over your mixed soundscape. A bit like the Flapjack narration, except this time, you’re going to lead me.

I have four lovely sounds to share with you already – here are the early entries. I can clearly tell some thing about them and I know who they are from – but you don’t, unless you sent it. So we have a mystery already 🙂

In listening closely to these clips, it’s oddly like being inside someone else’s head. Hearing what you hear. Creepy right? Well, not really, but it certainly opened a world of sounds that I don’t hear every day.

Let’s see what we can do. If you have something different that I can weave into a tale – go for it!

I’d like to hear your world and probably totally guess it wrong but write it into something else.

Onward – JK

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