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Flapjack – Chapter 6

So, I said that all the voices and contributors would be revealed at the end, when all of the chapters are in place. But I’m going to change that here and now – because I can.

This episode of Flapjack’s adventures includes some music. It is a very specific piece of music for a very special reason. But I’ll leave that for the people who know – they can tell you, if they like.

The song in the story is Love let me in by the fantastically talented Miriam Jones. Please go and find more of her songs, you have my word that it is worth purchasing them and listening to them again and again. They’re full of that heart breaking beauty that so few are able to create. If you missed that first link – look here.

Oddly, I’ve only met Miriam Jones once. She is as lovely as her songs. At the time, I may have been holding a baby too – one that you might be getting to know in this story. It’s a good thing that I have this chapter mixed down, every time I got to her song, it brought a tear to my eye. Frankly I should be buying shares in mascara.

The more familiar piece of music that you can hear at the start and finish of each chapter is from an  album called Live in Nebraska by @Solobasssteve and @Lobelia. If you find them on Twitter – be sure and give them a hug from me. The track is called MMFSOG. I’ll let them explain that one to you.

I think that is quite enough from me. Apart from mentioning that I feel rather lucky to know some brilliant musicians. Everyone should know some brilliant musicians, I may even know more than my fair share.

Settle down now, it’s time for the next chapter.



Chapter Six Audio

The afternoon is spent playing with puppies and creating a plan. With the use of the Mindmill, Joan prints out a map to Arachnopolis. Nancy takes Flapjack’s bag and fills it with apples and bread to take with him. Cannibal Corpse is still oddly silent, but has the air of someone a bit more chipper now that he has new feet.

They sit together for an early supper of delicious stew. The Nannas recommend not mentioning this to the chickens. The plan is drawn up. Flapjack and Cannibal Corpse must leave at night. The moon will help to guide them to the city through fields and up to the correct gate for entry. The Wheatmen and the Spiderladies are awake in the night time, so if he gets there while the moon is still up, they will not feel as though they are being ambushed.

The sun sets in glorious technicolour as the final details are added to Flapjack’s forthcoming journey. Joan has a gift for him to take on the road. She winds it up and hands it to him. It’s a clockwork radio. The music begins as the receiver tunes in.

The Mindmill’s rhythms click in time to the ballad and the Nannas sing along in beautiful harmonies.

“…and I would swear through everything to stay.

Love let me in, I’m standing in the cold I’m waiting at your heart
I’m guaranteed to love you guaranteed to make it up
I would drink you in like sunshine and I would love you in the dark .

But you stay just where I can’t reach you and I beseech you
Love let me in ….”

The radio has wound down. The music fades away on a breeze. Outside the round window of the Mindmill, the moon has risen, painting the surrounding fields with silver.

Flapjack packs the radio into his bag. The Nannas reach over and hug him till he feels he might break. As they step back he sees they have tears in their eyes. Joan sniffs and Nancy wipes her eyes with a red handkerchief. “Go on with you,” says Nancy. “The puppies will follow you so far but then they have to come home again.” The dogs scamper in circles, eager to take a walk.

Joan opens the door and wishes them the best of luck. Flapjack turns to wave at them every ten steps until he cannot see their door any more. The puppies run ahead, jump around behind and chase each other through the fields around him. Presently Cannibal Corpse says, “You can put me down now if you like.”

Flapjack jumps at the sound and puts his friend back on his feet. “What happened to you?” he asks the doll. “Why wouldn’t you talk to me?”

“Well, you wouldn’t feel like talking much if you had your feet ripped off either.” They trudge on down a faint path shown only via the moonlight.

“But what about the Nannas? You didn’t talk to them either.” says Flapjack.

“I can’t talk to them, “ says Cannibal Corpse. “They’re grown up and it was day time. Don’t you know anything?”

“Clearly not,” says Flapjack a little taken aback. “I’m glad you can talk again now though, are your feet better?”

“Better than ever,” says Cannibal Corpse. “I can probably dance now too, clever thing that Mindmill and those ladies.” he does an experimental turn on one Wellington. It’s a pretty stylish move. Flapjack is deeper in thought.

“So, if you can’t talk in front of grown ups, what will happen when I’m a grown up?”

“You won’t really need to talk to me then,” says Cannibal Corpse in a small voice. “You’ll have other grown ups to talk to.”

Flapjack stops in his tracks staring at his friend until CC notices and turns to look at him. “But I’ll always need to talk to you.” Flapjack tells the doll. They look at each other in the dim silver light.

Cannibal Corpse’s features are as always stitched in one place, but for a second, in the moonlight, he looks as though he might be smiling. “Then maybe you won’t be like all the other grown ups,” he says. “Come on, we have a city to reach and the dogs are already starting to turn back.”

Indeed Flapjack had hardly noticed but the gambolling pups had stopped racing ahead and were now jumping and yapping in the distance behind them. The pair climbed to the top of a gentle hill finally saw the city. Silver webs and bright yellow lights spread out before them. A woman with a beautiful voice was singing, though the sound was faint at this distance. A low bass sound accompanied the music. That must be his parents. Cannibal Corpse gave Flapjack his best look of grim determination and they set off to where the moonlight had settled on a set of enormous gates to the city of Arachnopolis.

To be continued…

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