For the odd moments I can manage to think of something.

Flapjack – pause for breath

If you are looking for chapter four of the Flapjack story, it is not here – yet. I am waiting for one more voice to arrive for this next episode. This is all good, fitting in a passion around working life is fine.

I remember being told “you have your entire life to write your first novel, it’s the next on that brings the pressure” – I imagine they were quoting someone more famous. I suspect this is entirely true, but I have not pursued the life of a published author, there are many more talented scribes I prefer to read and enormous book stores waiting to break me financially when it comes to those terms.

Putting a story on a blog seems to break some of those rules though. I know there are “gurus” who say that you must post regularly and frequently, but in this space, I have always preferred to wait until I have something to say. Otherwise I am churning out rubbish that no one would really want to read. (I hope I am not too guilty of this already!)

Another reason to be patient with the series is that each of the voices in the audio has taken the time and effort of people who are outstanding in their own right, busy as all heck and still willing to grant me their work when I have asked them for a favour. Can you knock that? I don’t think so.

If you are puzzling over the voices in the story – that’s good. A full cast list will appear at the end. Suffice to say that they are all superstars.

I am extraordinarily proud and grateful for all of the voices in this text and the proof reader too. They have all committed to making a proper effort to do this for the sake of joining in.

Also – publishing here when the audio is ready, means you won’t miss an episode. Even if you have just arrived (welcome!) then you can scroll back to the past editions and start from the beginning, or listen again to your favourite bits. It will always be here and I hope that it will still be enjoyed when we are all done travelling with Flapjack and Cannibal Corpse.

Rest assured I am still mixing when I can. It’s something I love to do. But read a short book in the mean time – we’ll have another episode for you in just a little while.


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