For the odd moments I can manage to think of something.

Bucky Rambles

No longer the final frontier

No longer the final frontier

Bucky Rambles is a space boy. Eleven years old, he floats around with an upturned goldfish bowl on his head to keep in the air. By swishing his arms a little and bending at the waist, Bucky can sort of move around a little and look over at Earth. It’s where he comes from.

First bathing in the glow reflected on the planet, he smiles vaguely. But although he turns regularly to contemplate the spectacle, drawn to it’s wonder, he cannot stand to look at it for too long. Staring at the blue grey planet he gets a choking feeling. It’s something like the time his little baby sister Alice was born and the time when his first dog Poppy died. A happy sadness. It’s hard to feel it for too long and he looks away again into the stars.

So Bucky Rambles is a space boy and he’s living up to his stupendous name. His parents actually called him that when he was born, on Earth. The neighbours said his parents were crazy to give a boy a name like that, but they looked at each other over his head and shared a knowing smile. When Bucky was bigger, but still smaller than he is now, his father told him that he had an extraordinary name to remind him to do extraordinary things, to fly higher. Bucky became an astronaut, built his own Buckymobile and blasted off into the wide beyond so he could look back and share the world with everyone.

Out here with Bucky it’s spectacularly quiet. He knows the cameras are still on in his goldfish bowl and that everyone can hear him breathing softly in the nothing. Sending messages home. But Bucky is alone up there, the transmissions only go one way. He thinks about what to do when he gets home again, it’s a long journey to come. The most extraordinary thing he can think to do is not be alone. He’ll grow up and get married and have children with extraordinary names. He’ll get to know people, some he might know for years.

Bucky Rambles the space boy turns back to the earth and wants to go home.

(This story came about in a rush of images after Susanna misheard and created the most extraordinary name. Thanks Susanna!)

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