For the odd moments I can manage to think of something.

Chancery Lane Chapter 2

The following afternoon I’m rolling out of bed. I was awake to see Helen off to work – all smiles and cups of tea – exhausted at 8am. Then I went straight back to bed. Now I am showered and propped back up in the living room with the laptop open infront of me.

There’s a security and virus checker working in the background – the odd adventures of last night stayed with me and I want to make sure that there are no holes in my system. It’s not as though I have much to give away, but I’d rather not be a bot centre. Sadly my little machine is not powerful enough to do much when the security system is running, so I’m waiting and watching a little daytime crappy TV.

The phone rings and it’s Neil. “Chance!”

“Hi Neil”

“Why the long face gamer? Where are you anyway? I thought we had some fun planned in the game?”

“I’m scanning the computer for…”

“You have a virus or something?”

“I don’t think so – something odd popped up last night but nothing really important I don’t think.”

“Ok, well when you are willing, we’ll go for some onscreen killing!” He’s giggling on the line. Most of the time I like the fact that the person who finds Neil’s jokes the funniest – is Neil. He calms down. “By the way Chance, what’s your new profile all about? I can’t say I don’t like it, but I can’t say I really understand it either. You found something new and interesting to play with? Something you want to share?”

“What new profile?”

“Very funny. I’ll catch you later anyways. The same place and the same time for me, you should come to the bar, bring the Missus.”

“What new profile?” Now I know I must have been phished or something. I sigh, Neil disconnects the phone and I look at the laptop. I don’t really want to start opening the pages that will show me the problem. I hate this sort of thing. I wonder what will be waiting for me there. I distract myself by wondering if Helen will consider coming out for a beer with Neil again. She never seemed to like him much. Sometimes, I can understand it.

2 Responses to “Chancery Lane Chapter 2”

  1. Colt Seavers

    Great writing – I relate on some ways – Just wanted to say how I’d love to read more of this – it’s got me intrigued already….plans to finish?

  2. jemimahknight

    Thanks CS.
    Hopefully so. I think I bit off more than I could chew with this one – made complicated notes and then got stuck for time. That said – posting it here reminds me to add a chapter here and there and not to forget about it.


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