For the odd moments I can manage to think of something.

Silly paranoid moments, aren’t they? Are they?

I have a confession.

Actually I probably have more than many, but not for today. My current confession is….

“I often log in online in the morning as I am getting ready for work. I turn my laptop around to face the wall when I dress.”

Looking back atcha...maybe

Looking back atcha...maybe

Yep. That’s true. I have a little tech paranoia. Don’t you?

There are probably more things that I do out of odd paranoia but they’re not to the front of my mind at the moment. I’m trained to curb my language in front of a microphone – even when it’s not turned on. I’m not too bad with running a spell checker and when writing for work I print and re-read documents – just in case.

Domestically, I laugh at myself for turning my laptop away. Mostly it’s because there is a little web cam embedded in the top of the screen frame. I rarely switch it on, but, hmnn. It’s not really cued up to stream anywhere, but, y’know. In fact the place I go to that take video content, always ask to connect to my camera too. But, y’know, it’s just sorta…It’s a bit silly isn’t it?

I guess it’s amusing as a habit until I forget someday and some freak accident occurs and the web has to deal with the horrors of my morning habits clothed or otherwise. Fingers crossed for my sanity and those that might one day be blinded by that awful image.

Are you oddly paranoid about your tech? Do you have rituals for your netbook or strange habits for your ‘phone? Add your weirdness here if you like. I’m fairly sure we’re not alone on this one.

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