For the odd moments I can manage to think of something.

Knowing what we do and what you do too.

After having a minor wrestle today with this blog. I realised that I need more practise to go with what I preach.

Don't be rude. Have a little think first.

Don't be rude. Have a little think first.

It’s terribly simple to start mewling about who does what and whether they’re “doin it rong!” But try it yourself and maybe that will alter your perspective.

Blogging’s not hard, in fact at the moment, it does not even seem to be too fashionable. That’s ok though, it still intrigues enough of us.

One thing to remember though, through blogging, messing with soc networks, attending soc net events and a lot of the work I do as a paid job. Learning should be continual, change to be expected and well, knowing what you are asking others to do and understanding their role – that’s important too.

Unqualified mewling just won’t do. Though of course, I’m an optimist.

Do you know how to do the things you criticise?

Good to be back, hoping, doctor, to be more regular.


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