For the odd moments I can manage to think of something.

Before you know it, you’re home.

A friend of mine will be returning home to the US from China very soon.

I only know her online from twitter and gtalk, we’ve never met. It’s funny how a life online often leads to people you barely know being the best company. Also, she’s great to talk to when the UK is asleep and China is awake.

She says that the time before she can finally come home is dragging (I have no doubt of course that she values her time in China, but you know what it’s like when you’re ready to be home again). It reminded me of something I think maybe my mother or even my grandmother told me about a long journey home.

You’ve probably had a long journey in front of you. Maybe you are walking home, or maybe you remember walking home from school when you are tired. Sometimes it is a different sort of journey – a long project, a thesis – take your pick.

The trick is to remember the other long journeys you have had and that feeling when you finally got there. Then to think about when you started the particular journey you are on or started anticipating what you are waiting for. You know what? Without getting too far into my own navel. Life’s pretty short and before you know it, you’re home.

The journey will become a memory, that hard work becomes experience and maybe after years and years it will be an oddity you barely remember.

When I do this, I can half picture walking home from my primary school back home. Feeling tired, looking for some shade. It reminds me that those days are long gone.

In the process of distracting myself with these things, before I know it – i’m home too. Whatever that may be.

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